Table of Contents:

1. Executive Summary 2. Business/Company Description: a. Mission Statement b. Management Bio c. Keys to Success/Goals and Objectives 3. Product/Service Description

a. Features and Benefits of Product/Service b. Uniqueness Statement 4. Marketing Plan, 5. Operating Plan, 6. Financial Plan, 7. Appendices.

a) PowerPoint Presentation ULT Presentation_V9a - MG

Comments b) Company Registration from February 2014 c) U.S. Patent from January 2018 d) ULT Balance Sheet e) ULT Cash Flow Statement f) ULT Income Statement g) Management Bios


1. Executive Summary

Universal Language Translator, Inc. is an innovative speech-to- speech translation technology that provides users the capability to speak in any of 135 different languages and to understand and translate speech into any of the other available language options.


The following business plan provides a description of the company, its technology and plans for the period between 2018 and 2020. The plan is divided into the following sections:

• Business/Company Description

• Product/ Service Description

• Marketing Plan

• Operating Plan

• Financial Plan

• Appendices

With its patented communication technology, Universal Language Translator, Inc. plans to fulfill its mission statement “to be the leading provider of language translation solutions and to connect people through effective communication worldwide.“

Presently, the company has gathered the following resources at its disposal:

• Talented leadership team with an extensive professional network

• Patented, innovative technology

• Company registration including compliance with federal set- aside requirements (VOSB, AAOSB, HUB Zone)

• Solid business plan from this starting point, Universal Language Translator, Inc. will immediately launch itself into the field of federal contracting in 2019 and offer its technology to the largest consumer of language services in the world, the U.S. Government. Thereafter in successive phases, the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets will be developed as the company expands to serve the global market for communications.

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